Innovative Swimwear

Our first innovation was created as a tool for women to build their confidence with their changing bodies. Unlike anything in the current market, our contemporary bikini top has an innovative mastectomy pocket that can be securely snapped closed to keep the prosthesis from moving around. Or worse, falling out. This top provides women with more ‘peace of mind’ to really relax and have fun when they are active. Our mesh top can be snapped into the bottom and has been created to cover scarring across the chest, under arms and stomach area. This is also providing women with an extra layer of support for their prosthesis.

Uplift Swimwear is continuing to develop new innovations to make women feel as comfortable and empowered as possible in swimwear. Uplift Swimwear is also working with local charities to help women grow their confidence. We are passionate about involving communities in projects to foster individual excitement and inspiration on a global level.

Connect with Us!

Do you or someone you know need our mastectomy swimwear? If so, we would love to add you to our Launch List so that we can let you know when our swimwear becomes available. Email Julie@Upliftswimwear.com

Our Why

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I thought my life was over. I survived physically, but mentally I was done. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t look normal. I was 30, my friends were going on holiday and I wanted to fit in. There was literally nothing I could wear on the beach, all I wanted was to feel normal.” 


Our Vision

Our Mission

1% of Sales benefitting McGrath Foundation

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