Meet Our Founder

Julie May founder of Uplift Swimwear for women with Mastectomies

Julie May is on a journey to help women feel confident in their mind and body. As the founder of Uplift Swimwear she has developed an innovative design to help women feel supported and encouraged to get back in the water post mastectomy.

Innovation and story-telling has always come naturally and she has found that through building this business she has the opportunity to do both. Despite no background in fashion, business, or design, she has pulled together a professional team that has helped her to develop this “never before seen” design.

After moving to the Byron area and shopping for her own swimwear she developed a swimsuit for women’s ever changing bodies. With her nan in mind she decided to include mastectomy pockets. 

Julie created this business with the intention of women gaining their confidence back after trauma and she looks forward to creating more innovative solutions that help women get back in the water. Her vision is to be a fun and inspiring swimwear designer helping women restore their confidence.

Right now, she is in the process of pre-launching her first design and is looking forward to making an impact on the world through innovative swimwear while sharing her personal journey of using intuition and determination.